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Therapist Spotlight

Deborah Ennis

I have been a practicing Mental Health clinician for 20 yrs. My gratifying experiences and career have placed me in counseling with children, adolescents, adults and families that are dealing with…

Life's Stresses...Solved.

Effective Counseling and Hypnosis Services Delivered with Care and Compassion.

Distance Counseling

counseling services ensure a personal, dedicated counselor is with you every step of the journey.

Board Certified Hypnotist

Tap into your subconscious mind to unlock the solutions to your life’s discomforts.


Understand your feelings. Explore our mental health, treatment options to help with problems, emotional challenges, and disorders.

Care & Compassion

We believe every client deserves to be treated with great care and compassion. Take the first step, contact us and get hope today!


Nationally Board Certified in Counseling (NCC)


Nationally Board Certified in Distance Counseling (DCC)


Licenses to practice counseling in the states of Florida and Iowa.

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Benefits of Psychotherapy and Hypnosis

Stress, Managed.

Our service provides you with effective thinking tools to help manage life stresses.

Increased Tolerance

PAR helps you manage your medical symptoms by providing increased tolerance.

Joy & Happiness

Our Patients tell us, they now live life with more joy and happiness.

Better Decisions

PAR helps you make better overall decisions in both daily life & life’s most challenging situations.

Better Relationships!

PAR helps make your relationships more wholesome and passionate!

Needs & Wants

When it comes down to you, PAR helps keep your needs and wants ahead of others.

Hope Starts Here

Start your personalized counseling with PAR and get hope now!