Counseling Services

Counseling Services

Getting an unbiased perspective can be helpful in the search for answers. We are here to guide you to those answers, YOUR answers.

Hypnosis Services

Tap into your subconscious mind to unlock the solutions to your life’s discomforts.

Mental Health Services

The key to a healthy mentality starts with awareness of how you experience your daily automatic thinking.

Depression & Anxiety

Struggling with poor self-esteem can lead to worrying about your life’s future. Too much worry about life’s future can damage your self-esteem. We can assist you with thinking more about now, rather than what was and what might happen.

ADHD Counseling

The difficulty of maintaining focus and concentration can impede completing tasks and assignments. Learn how to better organize your mind and life to improve focus and concentration.

Marriage Counseling

Maintaining a healthy marriage can be challenging. We can provide the time and place to help you and your spouse find the solutions to the difficulties.

Teletherapy Services

Learn how our personalized Teletherapy counseling services on the go.


Nationally Board Certified in Counseling (NCC)


Nationally Board Certified in Distance Counseling (DCC)


Licenses to practice counseling in the states of Florida and Iowa.

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Start your personalized counseling with PAR and get hope now!